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If your current driveway, parking lot, or road needs new asphalt, Professional Asphalt Company is the contractor you need. We work in Perris, CA, and this is what our team does:


Installing a brand-new asphalt pavement goes through several important phases. After the specifications have been confirmed with the client, we prepare the existing area by removing the old material. Using our machines, we remove the surface and prepare the sub-base. Typically, a sub-base is constructed from gravel or other materials that allow for proper drainage. After the surface is graded and compacted, the new asphalt is laid.

Asphalt Company

Asphalt Company


This is an essential step when installing a new asphalt pavement. With a clean slate, our asphalt professionals prepare the surface for appropriate water drainage. Using automatic motor graders and other pieces of equipment, our team grades the surface to ensure that water will run-off appropriately.


A high-quality sealant adds to the protection and longevity of the surface. It can also dramatically improve the overall appearance of your residential or commercial property. After the pavement is swept and washed, we will cover any oil and chemical spots with primer. Once the pavement has been primed, we apply at least two coats of a high-quality commercial grade sealer.


Our specialists offer quality asphalt repair services to all the residents in Perris, CA. We carry out any kind of patchwork and rubberized crack filling, too. There are cold and hot pour asphalt sealants that are an economical solution compared to asphalt replacement.


Our company takes pride in our professional striping work. We apply special paint for all kinds of markings. If there are any existing pavement markings, we will remove them. Then, our technicians will clean the pavement to remove any grease, oil, compacted dirt, surface tire marks, vegetation, and debris. If the material is damaged, we will fix it and apply the new stripes.

For any questions and problems with your asphalt pavements, Professional Asphalt Company is expecting your phone calls at (951) 426-4849.

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