Simple Asphalt Patching and Crack Repair Tips

Want to Know How to Repair Minor Cracks in Asphalt?

If your asphalt driveway is showing signs of wear and tear in certain areas, you may be able to get away with asphalt patching, and not a complete overhaul? Read on to find out more!

Generally speaking, a cold asphalt patch is only recommended for non-commercial repair jobs. A cold filler does provide a few advantages over a hot asphalt patch. And almost anyone can use a cold patch, which is ideal for homeowners that prefer to do their own DIY repair jobs.

A hot asphalt filler must be handled carefully, and unlike their cold patch filler counterparts, only professionals that have been trained in asphalt repair have the experience needed to handle the filler, as it is applied at very high temperatures. So should this be your first time doing this kind of repair job, you will not have such a hard time with a cold filler.

If you decide to use a hot filler, you will then have to invest in the equipment that will melt the filler and apply it on the asphalt surface. Apart from the technical expertise needed, the cost makes it impractical for non-commercial use. Unlike hot asphalt fillers, a cold patch does not require any additional equipment.

Knowing how to perform asphalt patching can help you to maintain your pavement for years to come. It is relatively simple to do, and you will have the freedom to deal with pothole patching as and when needed. Besides, we at Professional Asphalt Company recommend potholes to be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise, the situation will only get worse.

If you start to see puddles in your driveway, cold asphalt is the right choice to fix the depressions or potholes. Winter has the uncanny knack of taking minor cracks and turning them into potholes. So why take the risk of leaving a pothole and ruining your car’s suspension, just get it fixed?

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